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Auto-Rickshaw Advertising in Mumbai

Thanks for the courtesy of taking out few minutes of your precious time to have a look at this fantastic promotional media offer of a wonderful Outdoor medium of Auto Rickshaw branding on a nominal cost to best suit to your media plan.”Branded Auto is the most affordable outdoor medium” We are having the rights for advertising on Public transport of Auto Rickshaw in Mumbai.

Talk about streets or any nook or corner of the city, they are all inundated with slew of ads promoting something or the other, at all times. The clutter of ads and advertising mediums (like banners, posters etc) is increasing and thus their impact on audiences is declining. Thus, a catchy and innovative advertising medium is required that can draw the audiences’ attention with its novice charm and unusualness. This brings Auto advertisement into picture. It is a high impact, eye catching and cost effective form of transit/mobile advertising.

Auto is the most commonly used mode of transportation in most cities. An average auto covers around 100-200 kms of area in a day, while spending about 12-18 hours on roads. Thus, any ad that is displayed on the roof or hood of the auto would also move throughout the day -covering high streets, crowded market areas, residential colonies, colleges, red lights etc, and capturing close to 1 lakh eye balls each day. This signifies the reach and effectiveness of auto advertising which is making it preferable amongst most big and small marketers.

Autorickshaw  Advertising in Mumbai  is the most effective and affordable medium of outdoor advertising. Standing out from the clutter of hoardings, posters, banners and kiosks, this walking medium goes to every part of the city, 24 hours a day, as it manoeuvres into even those areas which other vehicles cannot reach!

Millions of your target audience such as men, women and children on the road, in their Marutis/Audis, on their Bajajs, in buses/taxis/rickshaws fall within the catchment area of a branded auto. And they cannot miss the branded auto.

Auto Rickshaws as we all know, travels through many areas per day, exposing itself all the time. The exposure is from all angles from morning to evening, and to the genuine target called the crowd; and at all time. In the situation of a boring signal, what’s written on a rickshaw gives some relief in the form of a temporary involvement in the pollution filled atmosphere at that time. Sometimes it helps passing time to the desperate-to-move, people at the signals and people tend to read the prints without fail, won’t you agree???

You may miss a newspaper, a hording, a hand bill handed at the signal, but you won’t miss what these mouse of the cities carry on them, because whatever is read, keep flashing in the memory for long. And if the advt. was really useful or witty, then these ads are not forgotten.

Our company came into existence in 2008 i.e. 5 years of complete secession. Our Company & its employees are putting a very hard efforts to gain our customer their Satisfied success and benefits on advertising on Rickshaw Hood.

Ours is a motto to develop ourselves to be No.1 Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Mumbai  and understand and reach all the needs and satisfy the customer. Our struggle and our company manufacturers Rickshaw Hood in the company itself. All the work consisting Cutting, Printing, Stitching, and Fitting Etc is carried under one roof of Ours.

Did you know?

  • On an average, a rickshaw travels approx. 100-200 kms. Per day.
  • Rickshaws carry your messages loud and clear: They are washed & cleaned daily unlike other modes of transport.
  • On an average, and very obviously at least 5000 to 7000 people notice the advertisement per day.
  • The Advertisement on the indoor the auto Rickshaw is seen by maximum 70 to 100 Passengers per day as the passenger at least sit in the auto rickshaw for minimum 10 public to 1 hours and see and read the advertisement which is in the front of the passenger which is very mind touching to the .
  • The rear part of the rickshaw has maximum exposure.
  • Advertisement Tariffs are extremely economical as compared to sky-rocketed rates of advertisement with the other available mediums.
  • Rickshaws which are hired for School Children are very effective for education related products or services.